Maybe you’re planning your first visit, or maybe you’ve been coming and want to take the Next Step of getting involved.  From your second visit through becoming a member, this page will help guide you through the Next Steps of becoming part of the Spiritual Family at Bethel Dallas.

Bethel Dallas 101 Classes

The next step after visiting Bethel Dallas is to join us for our Spiritual Foundations Class at 8:45am each Sunday.  This set of classes alternate each week and cover Biblical  Foundations and Spiritual Family. Whether you are just beginning your walk with the Lord, or have walked with Him for years, this is your NEXT STEP to getting plugged in at Bethel Dallas.

*Attendance at both of these classes is a prerequisite for being invited to be a member Bethel Dallas. We value membership, but taking the classes does not require you to become a member.

One 2 One

One of our Core Values is Discipleship. The One 2 One book is a 6 part study specifically designed for personal discipleship. Our belief is that every believer is called to make disciples. If you are new to the faith or new to Bethel Dallas, your NEXT STEP is to enter the discipleship process with someone using this tool.

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are a vital part of the community at Bethel Dallas. We have groups all over the Metroplex that meet weekly to help people grow in their relationship with the Lord and with each other. Christianity was meant to be lived in a community, and with our society becoming more and more isolated, Connect Groups give us opportunity to embrace life lived in community.

Become a Member

In a culture of church “hoppers and shoppers”, we believe that membership to a local church is more than formality. Membership at Bethel Dallas allows you the opportunity to express your commitment to our vision and values, and allows us to be good stewards of our time and resources.  Our Members are the backbone of our church on a weekly basis, we pray for them, we value them, we love them.

The process of becoming a Member includes first attending both of the b101 classes, getting plugged in to a bTeam to start serving, and walk through the process of Freedom. There is an application for membership that can be submitted and approved by the pastoral team.


One of the easiest ways to get involved is to join a Serve Team. These teams provide an opportunity to create long lasting relationships through shared interested and hard work. We believe that every person who joins our Spiritual Family should take joy in working together towards our common goals.

Some areas of service are available for you to get involved during the Membership process; and some areas (like bKids) are reserved for Members only due to the sensitive nature of the work.