The purpose of Bethel Small Groups is “to make a heart connection with people and to connect them closer to the heart of Jesus.” Throughout the entire bible we see the constant theme and importance of God honoring healthy relationships. Inner circle relationships are critical and everyone of us must be intentional about avoiding isolation. Spiritual family is a must to not only survive but to thrive! In the worst of times, Bethel small groups fight the good fight of faith together, and in the best of times we build each other’s faith celebrating our victories together for God’s glory! We could write books of testimonies due to what has happened from the unity of small groups and presence of the Holy Spirit at them! What are you believing for?

Join a Bethel Group today and GROW! Ready to be the leader you were born to be? Launch your own group and trust that as you are bringing change to others you will be changed into who God has called you to be. Your destiny is directly connected to the people that God puts in your life, experience the power of Bethel Groups!

If you are looking for a small group, check out the list below of groups that are currently meeting. Click on their name & send them an email for more details.