About bKids

Our vision statement is “for kids to encounter the Living God on a daily basis.” We have a mission to equip and empower kids to be all God created them to be. Our leaders approach each class with the mentality of “these children are the future of our city, state, nation, and world.” So what better way to raise up world changers than introducing them to the Most High God, His one and only Son, and His Holy Spirit that is with us today?

bKids is not just a class to inform students of who God is… It’s a time to host the presence of God and encounter Him. Our motto is “there is no such thing as a junior Holy Spirit.” In each bKids classroom, children will experience God’s Kingdom through worship, prayer, lesson time, and our favorite: activation! It is our hope and prayer that every child encounters God because we know that an encounter with God leads to a transformed & empowered life.

Welcome to a bKids Sunday!

On a Sunday Morning a first time guest will find the banner labeled “First time bKids Check-In” and our Welcome Team will assist you. Our gathering time is 10:00am; and Check-in opens at 9:45am.  We recommend arriving 15 minutes early when you are coming for the first time so we can welcome you, check-in your children and answer any questions.

After registration each child will receive a name tag with an assigned ID number. Parents also receive a matching ID number. If a parent is needed during service the number will be displayed on the large screens in the main sanctuary. Parents must have the name tag ID to pick up their children. Feel free to contact the bKids Director for any questions before visiting.

The 5 bKids Classrooms:

Planet Shakers- Nursery (6 weeks-walking)

Trail Blazers- Toddlers (Walking-2yrs old)

Kingdom Builders- Pre-School (3-5yrs old)

Mountain Movers- K-2nd Grade

World Changers- 3rd-5th Grade


bKids 2018 Calendar of Events:

  • June 18-22 Summer Camp (2nd-5th grades)
  • June 23 Champion Day (K-5th grades)
  • July 7 Princess Night (K-5th grades)
  • August 19 Promo Day (All Kids graduate to new grade!)
  • October 31 Kingdom Encounter (K-5th grades)
  • November 18 Thankful Day (All Kids)
  • December 16 Jesus Birthday Party (All Kids)